Sep 19, 2009

oh how i love..

weddings, friends, dresses, flowers

Heather's wedding was almost a month ago, but when I saw this photo I just loved it too much to not share. Heather made such a beautiful bride, and all my friends are such lovely friends.

Sep 12, 2009

Sep 6, 2009

Angel Tree

"This... is my favorite tree.  And I like trees." -Claire from Elizabethtown

The Angel Tree on John's Island, South Carolina, is my favorite tree.  And I like trees.  This oak tree is over 1400 years old, the oldest living thing east of the Rockies.  I've been keeping its picture selfishly on my desktop background, and I decided it was time to share. If you ever happen to be in this area of the country,  I advise you to go see it!  It's even more amazing in person. 
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