Jan 30, 2010

sunny kitchen

As I might have mentioned before, Logan can be a bit gloomy in the winter. We've had week after week of gray skies, not because of stormy weather, but because of the inversion. Even when its sunny in Salt Lake, Utah County, or up Logan Canyon, it is continuously gray here in Cache Valley.

Rach and I noticed that is was starting to affect our moods. We were feeling depressed for no particular reason, and finally we linked it to the lack of sunshine in our lives. So here was our solution to all this gray.. after we turned in two projects on Monday, we made a spontaneous decision to paint. If Logan won't bring sunshine to us, we will bring sunshine to our kitchen!

Our walls were previously white, and our kitchen was almost as drab as outside. But not anymore! Its surprising how much it has affected our moods this week.

What do you think?

Jan 26, 2010

something else that makes me happy

I just wanted to brag about some of the people I love the most in this world. You might think I'm talking about my awesome parents or siblings, or my incredibly talented best friends, but instead I just wanted to take a minute to show off my very favorite little people on the planet:





(little Tay and big Tay)




Can you see why I'm kind of obsessed with them?? When I'm sad, there's nothing that can make me instantly happy like being around these guys. I miss them like crazy right now! The babies make me so excited to have my own someday, and Hailey, Maxwell, and Jack are more like my sister and brothers than my niece and nephews. My roommates and friends probably get sick of hearing about them, but I never get sick of talking about them.

I love them so..so.. much. Thats all.

(p.s. sistas.. thanks for letting me steal some of your pictures and show off your kiddos. Until I have my own I'll just keep bragging about yours. Thanks for sharing them with me)

Jan 17, 2010

tomorrow, tomorrow

Will the sun please come out tomorrow? Or will it please snow tomorrow so I can go snowboarding? Please Logan? Please life? This is all I ask for.
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