Nov 24, 2009

thank you, mom

for introducing me to one of my best friends, so many years ago...

What is it? A vintage hair dryer.
Do I dry my hair with it? No.
  • it heats up my sheets for me before I get in bed
  • it humms me to sleep every night
  • it drowns out all the worldly noise and chaos
  • when I come inside after a gloomy day, its at home waiting to warm me up
  • it comforts me when I'm sad or stressed
  • I know I could not survive a Logan winter without it.
But there is one problem.. these hair dryers are becoming scarce. They usually die or lose their warmth after a few years of loyal service, and need to be replaced. My mom and sisters are stocking up, and no one is very willing to part with one these days. Therefore, you may not buy one and try it for yourself after I've told you how wonderful it is. You may, however, surprise me for Christmas or my birthday or any other holiday with a gift like this. I promise I would love you for it.

Nov 10, 2009


I did it! After months of training and anticipation, Saturday, Nov. 7 finally came and I ran the Snow Canyon half marathon in St. George. It was an amazing weekend.. spent in warm weather with some of my favorite people. And the run went a lot better than I expected! Not too hot (or cold.. which is what I'm used to in Logan), not too tiring, not too stressful or too much of anything. It was beautiful, and I loved it. I don't know if I'll ever do a full marathon, but I definitely plan on doing more races in the future! There is plenty of room for improvement. Here are some photos from my weekend:

Some of the favorite people I mentioned, carbo loading at Olive Garden

Marinda and I right after the race

The 3 of us with our victory medals

Katie Lewis came down to see us!! Oh how we miss her

The only bad thing about the weekend was that I lost my camera in all the rushing and traveling. Therefore, all of the pictures you see are stolen from Tasha's camera. This meant that I didn't get any pictures of me crossing the finish line. But fortunately, the news crews were taking pictures, and (don't ask me why) I happened to be the picture they chose for the newspaper article. It was kind of a shock when I clicked on the link and saw a close up picture of me at the top of the article! Its a pretty embarrassing picture. haha
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