Dec 13, 2009

break time

The time finally came for me to say goodbye to this home

with this

and more of this

so I drove past this

and my favorite Logan tree

to get to my next favorite tree

and this

It finally feels like Christmas time.
I'm so happy to be home!

Dec 8, 2009


I finally finished my final projects!! Now I just have two final tests to take before I'm done with this semester for good. After these projects though.. taking tests seems like a such a relief. I've been living in the Landscape Architecture studio for the past month.. and I am ready for Christmas break! Here's the 40 acre recreational park I just designed for North Logan City.. if you're interested:
And this is the same park but with a detailed planting schedule for my planting design class:
(click to enlarge...but the quality might be really crappy...its a 1.2 gigabyte photoshop file.. so down saving it enough to upload it decreases the quality)

Dec 2, 2009


my old school


my new school

Who will I root for?! In my opinion, both schools are pretty great. I probably didn't have as much school spirit at BYU as I do at USU (ironic?). So I would gladly cheer for the Aggies, the only problem is that USU fans are pretty rude and annoying, at pretty much every game. Which I'm ashamed of. So part of me wants to cheer for the Cougs.. but I might get beat up if I go to the game in my Y shirt. Perhaps I'll just wear solid navy blue, and secretly cheer for both teams. Go Cougs! Go Aggies! May the best team win.

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